Summer Wim Hof Retreat

‎July 5th to 7th, 2024

Spaces Left: 5

We are excited to offer you a place on a truly life-changing weekend retreat.

We recommend this experience to anyone looking for a fun and expert introduction
into the Wim Hof method in stunning surroundings


is a scientifically proven method combining specific breath-work, cold therapy and commitment.

These three pillars form a powerful practice capable of changing your life and health in many positive ways.

Your experience will be further enhanced by an Yoga classes taught by an experienced
Iyengar Yoga Teacher,

    helping you to face the ice with a calm and balanced mind.

This weekend is suitable for all levels, however a basic level of physical fitness is essential.
This weekend is not suitable for anyone with any heart conditions, epilepsy or pregnancy.
If in doubt, please check with your health practitioner.


“John is an excellent instructor who explains everything really well. He keeps you calm and composed. John helped me overcome my fear of cold water. I stepped into an ice bath and dipped into a lake on top of a mountain! It was a fantastic weekend. Memories and techniques to keep and use forever. Highly recommend! “

Anne Marie



At Eagles Rock Retreat we have five guest bedrooms. Bright, beautiful views, en-suite with real comfort and silence, our bedrooms have all the features attributable to a great nights sleep.

Attending solo or with friends?

More than half our guests book solo. With hand-crafted beds featuring ornate curtains made from saris brought from India on our travels,

you have the privacy and quiet space to retire to, when sharing.

If you are attending with friends, will will ensure to give you most appropriate room available.

Bedroom ‘Satya’

Sleeps 3

En-suite Bathroom with a shower, located on the ground floor of the Retreat House

Bedroom ‘Daya’

Sleeps 3

This is a smaller bedroom with a spacious en-suite bathroom,

located on the ground floor of the retreat house.

Bedroom ‘Maya’

Sleeps 2/3

This is our newly renovated King-size double bedroom, and additional single bed suitable to share with a partner or as a family room. This beautiful bedroom is also on the ground floor and has an en-suite bathroom with a shower and bath.

Bedroom ‘Maitri’

Sleeps 4

This is our largest bedroom located on the first floor.
it has stunning views,
an en-suite bathroom with a large jacuzzi bath!

Bedroom ‘Ananda’

Twin bedroom next to the Yoga Studio has magnificent views of the Glenmore Valley and the Irish Sea and a balcony where you can take it all in.

Adjacent is a small bathroom with shower/toilet



Getting to us by car

It could not be easier. From Dublin (North) you will reach us in 1hour and 15min. From Belfast you will be here in an hour. From the M1 motorway, take exit 18 (Carlingford). We are about 15min drive from there.

Using google maps, put in ‘Eagles Rock Retreat’ (make sure you put in ‘Retreat’, otherwise you end up at a different house far, far away!

Getting to us by public transport 

It could not be easier. There are hourly buses from Dublin airport and Dublin City Centre and take approximately 1hour and 15minutes. From Belfast you can take a train.

We offer a free transfer service from Dundalk train and bus stations to our venue.

It’s a scenic 15 minute drive from the station to the venue.

Once here, you do not need a car.

IMPORTANT: Please endeavour to arrive in Dundalk between 3pm and 4.30pm.

We will send you detailed directions by email when you book.


This retreat will be co-hosted by  Carlingford Yoga and John McKeown.

John McKeown is an advanced Wim Hof instructor. John spent number of years researching ways to keep himself and his family healthy and in the process he discovered the Wim Hof method. He was fascinated by its effects from the start and in 2017 he traveled to Poland to train as a Wim Hof instructor with Wim himself. John has been teaching the method in Ireland passionately ever since then. John has recently completed his afvanced Wim Hof training.


Martina Durnin is an Intermediate level 3 Iyengar Yoga teacher. Martina started practicing

The answer is always..

yoga in London in 1999 at the age of 24 and immediately knew that she found something she was going to do for the rest of her life. The effectiveness of the Iyengar Yoga method was mind-blowing to her from the very start. Martina was able to fix her rounded posture and correct her physical imbalances in a relatively short space of time through persistent practice. But it is the deeper psychological benefits of yoga that make her come back to the mat day after day. Martina qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher in 2004 and has been passionately sharing this method with others since then. Martina later graduated as a physical therapist to further deepen her knowledge of the body’s function and dysfunction. Martina is a co-founder of Carlingford Yoga and has been running residential retreats with her partner Stuart since 2012. She is devoted to the practice of yoga and continues to deepen her knowledge of every aspect of the practice with the most senior teachers the world has to offer.



Is this for me? 

This weekend  retreat is suitable for anyone aged 18 years and over.

No previous experience is required, but a basic level of fitness is necessary.

If you suffer from a heart condition, epilepsy, or are pregnant, this

Retreat is not suitable for you.

If in doubt, please contact your doctor before signing up.

What to bring? 

Please bring some yoga wear, yoga mat (if you have one), clothes suitable for the countryside, you will also need to bring a towel, flip flops and a swimming suit. Our house is a shoe-free zone so bring some indoor footwear.

Anything I need to do now to prepare?

Not really, but it would be helpful if you try turning your shower to COLD for about 30sec prior to  the day.