Summer Day of Bellydance with Alexandra

‎12th August, 2023

Spaces Left: 8

We are very excited to welcome Alexandra to teach a day retreat of

bellydance at Eagles Rock Retreat.

Alexandra is an experienced belly dancer from Germany and passionate about dancing.

This day retreat is suitable for all levels.

You will also enjoy a tasty healthy vegan meal, healthy cake and a guided walk in the Cooley mountains.
Feel inspired and energised and get the new year off to a great start… the fun way!

Oriental Dance – bellydance 

When the sun is a long time coming, oriental dance (also known as belly dance) brings light to the soul and heart.

It’s not just the music that transports us to warmer places, the whole body is stimulated from head to toe.

Above all, the small muscles and the deep muscles that stabilise the spine are trained. The beautiful and harmonious movements of oriental dance such as circles, figure eights and waves are as diverse and beautiful as life itself.

They relieve tension, improve posture and balance and lead to new energy and joie de vivre. This makes oriental dance a key to healing and maintaining health (not only) for the female body.

When women dance together, it creates connection and strengthens the sense of community. When oriental dance is danced in a group, it means love of life, wellness, self-awareness, healing, joy and communication.

What you will need

Comfortable clothes, warm socks for your feet and a scarf or dance belt for your waist.

10.45am – arrival and introduction
11am – 1pm – warm- up & introduction to basic Oriental Dance moves
1pm – healthy lunch
2.15pm – meditation walk in the Cooley Mounatins
3.30pm – healthy cake/herbal tea
4pm – 6.00pm – Let´s dance! Improvisation, choreography & cool down

Getting to us by car

It could not be easier. From Dublin (North) you will reach us in 1hour and 15min. From Belfast you will be here in an hour. From the M1 motorway, take exit 18 (Carlingford). We are about 15min drive from there.

Using google maps, put in ‘Eagles Rock Retreat’ (make sure you put in ‘Retreat’, otherwise you end up at a different house far, far away!

Getting to us by public transport 

There are hourly buses from Dublin airport and Dublin City Centre and take approximately 1hour and 15minutes. From Belfast you can take a train.

From Dundalk or Newry it is 15min drive to our venue. You will need to organise  your own transport for that part of the journey. Please talk to us and we will advise.

Once here, you do not need a car.

We will send you detailed directions by email when you book.


Alexandra comes from Germany, where she has made a name for herself as an oriental dancer and teacher over the past 20 years. The focus of her work is oriental dance as femininity in motion. It lives in  the magic of the moment and gives the dancer equal dignity and sensuality. This dance fascinates with the emotions of the soul, which in turn reflects the beauty of Arabic music.
Alexandra is a qualified teacher, dance teacher, yoga teacher and NLP master practitioner. Find more at