Day of Tantra Yoga with Aine Fox

‎10th February, 2024

Spaces Left: 9

This Day Retreat is for anyone who would like to experience the practice of Tantra Yoga and is suitable for beginners. 

 Tantra Yoga is a practice that uses the Yoga asanas or poses to develop a connection to the subtle energy body,

helping us build a deeper connection with our bodies and deepen our understanding of how energy is stored in the body. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Yoga Asanas / poses to help balance each chakra (energy centre) 
  • How to use the poses to clear stagnant energy in the body 
  • How to move the energy through the body clearing the chakra system
  • To connect with the different subtle energies of each chakra
  • A daily practice that you can use at home to develop a beautiful practice of your own



10.00 am – arrival 

10:10 – 10:30 Introduction to Tantra Yoga and the subtle energy body. Connecting to your energy body and understanding the energy of each chakra

10:30 – 11:30  Root Chakra / Sacral Chakra Yoga Ananas. Helping us to use yoga to ground and build a solid foundation in the body and also helping us to understand how to work with the sacral chakra to keep our flow in life. 

11:30 – 11:45 Break with hot drink and snack  

11:45 – 12:30  Solar Plexus Asanas. Understanding the Solar Plexus, developing strength and determination.  Experiencing a yoga sequence to build resilience and strength in the body. 

12:30 – 2:00 Lovely Vegan lunch

2:00 :3:15 Heart and throat chakra yoga asanas. Understanding the heart and throat chakra and developing a sequence to keep our hearts open and soft and develop a deeper connection with our voice

3:15 – 3:45pm – Healthy cake and herbal tea

3:45 – 4:45 Third eye and crown chakra asanas. Developing a sequence to connect deeper to our higher selves and understanding this energy, tapping into clarity, intuition and universal energy.  

5pm- Close 

Getting to us by car

It could not be easier. From Dublin (North) you will reach us in 1hour and 15min. From Belfast you will be here in an hour. From the M1 motorway, take exit 18 (Carlingford). We are about 15min drive from there.

Using google maps, put in ‘Eagles Rock Retreat’ (make sure you put in ‘Retreat’, otherwise you end up at a different house far, far away!

Getting to us by public transport 

It could not be easier. There are hourly buses from Dublin airport and Dublin City Centre and take approximately 1hour and 15minutes. From Belfast you can take a train.

We offer a free transfer service from Dundalk train and bus stations to our venue.

It’s a scenic 15 minute drive from the station to the venue.

Once here, you do not need a car.

IMPORTANT: Please endeavour to arrive in Dundalk between 3pm and 4.30pm.

We will send you detailed directions by email when you book.


Hi, I’m Áine, the workshop facilitator for this beautiful day. I’m delighted to be able to bring you the gift of Tantra Yoga. This practice has changed my life, helping me understand how to shift negative energy states and keep my energy body clear and nourished. The impact of this is a happier more positive state of mind and a deeper connection with my body. I’m a psychotherapist, Gottman Couples Therapist and Tantra Yoga teacher.
The combination of the knowledge of psychotherapy, trauma and how we store emotions in the body gives me rich understanding of emotional and energetic health and how to best keep ourselves balanced. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and helping you flourish. 

I am new to yoga. Is this suitable for me?

Our retreats are very much suited to students of every level, unless otherwise indicated. Small numbers ensure that there is time for each guest to receive the direction and instruction they require. There are basic and more advanced options for each asana/pose. Your teacher will assess your needs and support you all the way.  There is no benefit in overstretching or seeking to take on something that your body is not ready to do. The use of props is key; these will make up the space or distance between where you want to be (classical or full pose) and where your practice allows you to be for now. The Iyengar method is the best place to start.


I am an experienced yogi. Is this for me? 

Your teacher is an experienced Iyengar yoga teacher. There are numerous variations for each pose and you are invited to try these based on your level. There will be at no time any sense of waiting for others to catch up. Be assured of really engaging and fun classes throughout. No matter what your level, you will be challenged!


What age is this suitable for? 

No upper age limit. We all learn so much from each generation. Variety only adds to the experience and the beautiful thing about yoga is that you can start at any age and become healthier. Children aged 14+ may attend where accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Can I take time out from activities?

This is your time. We have the timetable structured to make the most of each day, through practice, rest and recreation. However, if you feel that chilling out by the fire with a book is the right thing for you right now, do it!


Can I get a single room? 

We do not have single rooms at our venue. However, when a retreat is not full and there is availability, we might be able to accommodate you. Ask us. Single room is subject to supplement of €25 per night.


Can I get my deposit back if I can’t make it? 

No. The deposit is non-refundable, however if you let us know 21 days ahead of your chosen retreat, we will transfer your deposit to another date. We do our best and treat cancellations compassionately. Talk to us.


Is there a WI FI?

Yes. However we encourage our guests to turn off their phones while on a retreat and take this opportunity to detox from screens and EMR. We turn WiFi off at night.


I’m a bit nervous coming on my own!

You don’t need to be. Most of our guests come solo. We will pair you with somebody of a similar age and make you feel at home.


Can I come earlier on Friday? 

We will be busy getting the house ready and your room might not be available before 4pm. But you are welcome to drop off your bags anytime and take a drive to Carlingford, enjoy a stroll and a cuppa.


What to bring? 

We provide towels, bedding, yoga mats/equipment. Please don’t forget to pack your hiking boots, rain jacket and slippers (the house is a shoe-free zone).


Do I need a car? 

No. We can collect you at a bus/train station in Dundalk or Newry. Once here, you will not need a transport.


I have a serious food allergy. Can you accommodate me? 

Yes. As long as we know in a good time, we can cater for anything. Talk to us.


Is alcohol allowed on a retreat? 

No. This is a dry house. You will not miss it and if you do, perhaps a pint of Guinness in one of Carlingford’s charming pubs will quench your thirst.